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The Earthly Paradise silk dusters collection was conceived as a call to travel. A journey through watercolour artist Tatiana de Nicolay’s world, who imagined extravagant and refined designs for this exclusive collection.


Our silk dusters are a statement piece for those daring women who are driven by an aesthetic urge.

The origin of the duster dates back to the 19th century. Although its shape and use have evolved over time, it has always retained its long, loose and light appearance.


With the help of our pattern maker in Florence, we wanted to give this garment a new lease of life and created a modern and unique pattern for our collection.


Tatiana is an illustrator and watercolourist based in Paris. Growing up and studying all over the world (Brussels, Warsaw, Cairo, Casablanca, London, Buenos Aires), she met Gora in the fashion design school of Florence, where Gora was her pattern making teacher. Years later, he came on board this project to design the pattern for the "Earthly Paradise" collection along with Tatiana and Elena.


Tatiana worked in India for Manish Arora, who introduced her to the art of embroidery, and later in London for Martina Mondadori's magazine Cabana. Since starting her own business in Paris, she has illustrated a capsule collection for Monoprix with Maria de la Orden, the book Jaipur Splendor published by Assouline, glassware for Lobmyer and Dyptique (and much more: )


Elena is Belgian-Spanish and a lawyer in London. Her great passion for aesthetics and her taste for all things beautiful led her to create this first collection with her cousin Tatiana.

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